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Bench is all done.

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 10:35 PM

I am all done my work bench. 

Its made of spruce 2x4's and where the vice is and all the dog holes it is all ash.  It was cheap, easy and fast to make.  Fast as in about 10 hours total working time.  It needed to be fast so I could get back to work.  Because that is what a bench is all about, using it to make stuff.  I think that there are far too many people spending way too much time and money on their work benches.  Its a tool, its also a tool that you can make, its going to get beat up, and used, and abused.  Its going to get cut, and gauged and chopped and glued... and you can always repair it... or make a new one.  If you grow out if it... make a new one.  If you change your wood working style and it does not work for you any more... make a new one.  It can be modified, fixed, patched.... but hey, thats just me.  I would rather be working on then bench, than working ON the bench.

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