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Anarchy RULES!!!

Posted on July 27, 2011 at 11:11 PM

Thats right... ANARCHY RULES!!  Not the kind you are thinking.  I am reading a new book, and if you are a wood worker you might have heard about it.  Its called The Anarchists tool chest"  It goes through the hand tools that are essential and the ones that are not.  Very good book.  Written by who I think is the best woodworking author right now, Chris Schwarz.  Its funny, its to the point and its very informative.   I would not say the book has changed my life at all, but it has really given me alot to think about. 

I have been obsessed with hand tools for about two years, and I have always wanted some panel saws.  And with quiting my job and getting one at Lee Valley, and doing all that I can to better myself as a woodworker, I decided the time to get a panel saw was now.  So I did some hunting and I found some old saw (cross cut and rip) in great shape, so I bought them.  I like them.  I like them so much, that I sold my 10" sliding compund mitre saw AND my 7 1/4 circ saw.  Now I have no choice but to use a hand saw.  This move will also force me to learn how to sharpen hand saws, which I am really excited about.  ALSO... having my mitre saw gone... that has free'd up one of the walls in my shop, and I am almost done making my first work bench.  Pictures to follow in a day or two.

Now when ever I am in my shop, I keep looking around... "Is there anything else I can get rid of to make woodworking more simple?"

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