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Tied the knot not knowing that I not know.

Posted on June 5, 2011 at 12:18 PM

All done the knot box.  I then fumed it again and then put two coats of light walnut danish oil on it.  I generally dont like oak, but fumed and then with this oil on it, it is a really nice warm brown.  The colour gives it that look that old, old oak has.  The kind of colour that looks like age and not dyes or stains, it looks natural.  I really like it.

Since that is done, I have turned my attention to Frank and Heidi's wedding present.  I bought a chunck of QS black walnut, I then used a Veritas low angle jointer plane to joint the two surfaces, then (ssshhhhh, dont tell anyone) I had it run through a thickness planer to true up one side.  Once I got it home, I started to make some shavings and dust.  Its progressing very well and I am super excited to see what it is going to become.

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